Mission Pictures


2021.0128 Eagle Pass

2021.0107 Laredo Delivery

2020.12 Delivery to ARISE

Sky Cross - The Early Years

President's Speech Fall 2020

Sky Cross - Helping the poor

ARISE - Reynosa, Mexico

Video on the left is in Spanish

Near the end you can see the
food and medical programs Sky Cross helps.

Expanding our Mission

Sky Cross is expanding our mission to help other places beyond the Texas/Mexico Border. Our primary mission remains in helping the poor along the border, but a recent contact from Ethiopia made me open up the vision beyond. God was clearly directing a series of events that has brought the Board of Sky Cross and me to come to the decision to expand the vision.

If you are unaware of what is happening in Ethiopia, go to Ethiopia Special Report Gift Slip – The Voice of the Martyrs (persecution.com) to read about the persecution happening there. This week (June 30th, 2021) the rebel militias in Southern Ethiopia handed a defeat to the Ethiopia government forces, capturing a province. The country is falling into chaos. The attached picture are the elders of the church giving thanks to God and Sky Cross as we begin to help with contributions to help the poor and the persecuted in their church and 7 church plants. Please pray for these people. Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. The poverty is rampant.

Border Bears

Harvest Field Ministry

Delivery Trips 2021

Franciscan Tree of Life: Casa Franciscana Outreach
Book written and published by Francisco Lopez

Sky Cross COVID relief

Handling COVID-19 at The Migrant Center